DEVI chants CD / Shri Balaji Tambe


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DEVI chants CD / Shri Balaji Tambe

DEVI chants CD / Shri Balaji Tambe

Authentic mantras from the Tantric Tradition. Melodies based on long research and experience. Secret sounds revealed for the first time ever to evoke Mahashakti - The Supreme Energy to experience Protection, Prosperity and Spiritual progress. A must have for Navrati Pujas. Put to words by the siddha voice of the Spiritual Master, Vaidya Shri Balaji Tambe.The CD's Aumkar Ganesha and Devi Chants are very useful for the daily required Vedic chants. It is sure that the mantras work on the physiology, neurology and will bring memory, knowledge, creativity, prosperity and peace.